Tokyo Superguide

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march 2023 edition

tokyo city guide and travel maps for global shopping experts. 30 pages total. 

anyone who has been to tokyo knows this is the retail capital of the planet. not only in terms of sheer volume but also in quality and specialized varieties of merchandise. this city has stores where you can select up to 200 variations of a coat hanger. constant refinement of the mega shopping experience produces an ever evolving landscape of new architectural experimentation and shop retail innovation. despite a pandemic – and an endless lockout of visitors – tokyo has re-emerged intact and ahead of the pack.

uploaded february 10 2023
next update due september 01 2023

covid-19 update 
japan fully re-opened for foreign visitors in october 2022 . some establishments may remain temporarily closed due to coronavirus restrictions. please check websites for opening times. 

iphone app series 
tokyo superguide app is no longer published [the final edition update was september 2017]

for the latest tokyo news and review updates also check supernews

+ city superguide for global shopping experts
+ printout on home printer and fold and staple into booklet
+ view on your digital device
+ updated bi-annually
+ 30 pages total [26 detailed pages]
+ 10 detailed and customized area maps
+ accommodation suggestions
+ area guides and orientation in 10 districts
+ essential shopping with superfuture's famous maps
+ food, bars, clubs, travel planning and useful information
+ coffee pitstops, lunch, dinner, and after dinner suggestions
+ top 10 lists
+ suggested daily itineraries
+ includes hyperlinks to external urls
+ seasonal weather report and major exhibition listings

tokyo areas

aoyama | gaienmae
naka meguro

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