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April 2024 edition

Berlin travel guide for global shopping experts. 32 pages total.

Berlin is a hotbed of ideas and liberal creativity – endlessly working its way up out of layers of rubble. This sprawling once divided metropolis is Europe's second largest. Despite a tumultuous, chaotic and frenzied past, perhaps few other international cities have the same sense of possibilities and cultural freedoms that are now found here. Often likened to New York in the 1980’s, it’s a vibrant playground for endless self expression and rebellion against the past  and present frameworks of ultimate control.

uploaded april 11 2024  
next update due april 2025  

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+ berlin travel guide for global shopping experts
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+ updated quarterly
+ 32 pages total [28 detailed pages]
+ 11 detailed and customized area maps
+ accommodation suggestions
+ area guides and orientation in 11 districts
+ essential shopping with superfuture's famous maps
+ food, bars, clubs, travel planning and useful information
+ coffee pitstops, lunch, dinner, and after dinner suggestions
+ top 10 lists
+ suggested daily itineraries
+ includes hyperlinks to external urls
+ seasonal weather report and major exhibition listings 

berlin travel guide areas

mitte l auguststraße | weinmeisterstraße l friedrichstraße |

kreuzberg l bergmanstraße | kottbusser tor | gorlitzer park |

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